Fifty-one year-old Anthony Mazzone has lost his battle with brain cancer, but the fight he started against brain cancer will live on.

In December 2016, Anthony was diagnosed with a brain tumour. In the space of a week, his symptoms went from headaches to left sided weakness, before doctors broke the news that he had glioblastoma – a deadly form of brain cancer with low survival rates within months after diagnosis.

The effects of the aggressive cancer were devastating and his decline was rapid, from a successful corporate career to being wheelchair bound and paralysed within months. Anthony's fight sadly ended on 8 May 2017.

Speaking to Flinders Foundation in April 2017, Anthony said “I’m just like Rocky Balboa, I’m going to keep on swinging and I won’t give up without a fight."

For Anthony and wife Jill, how this happened and why it happened to them will remain a mystery.

Bravely and inspiringly, Anthony was not prepared to give up after the fatal diagnosis. While he was 'on the ropes', his focus remained on how he could help others in the future until his final moments.

Now Jill is working with Flinders Foundation to honour Anthony's legacy. HIs story will inspire others to find the answers Anthony was looking for and to discover a cure for this deadly disease.

Together, Jill and Flinders Foundation will ensure that Anthony is not forgotten, focussing on raising funds for research which utilises the SA Brain and Neurological Tumour Bank at Flinders - the only facility of its kind in South Australia - that could hold the answers about brain cancer and offer hope to people in Anthony's situation.

Anthony's final wish was for his own brain and tumour tissue to be donated to this important facility. Now funding is needed to support vital research, looking at ways to intervene earlier and prevent deadly brain cancers.

You can help uncover the mysteries of brain cancer by donating now.

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