KB's Biggest Battle Yet

Kerry Briggs has a message for us all. Go and get yourself checked. It could save your life. 

She knows better than most the importance of listening to your body, following your gut, and valuing every minute with your loved ones. 

In 2011 at the age of 32, Kerry was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her children, Lachlan and Caitlin, were 4 years , and 6 months old at the time.  She received a few years of treatment and all was looking positive. But in 2014 the Briggs family was dealt an unimaginable blow, discovering that Kerry's cancer had returned and was now incurable.

Since her initial diagnosis, Kerry has endured surgeries, rounds of weekly chemotherapy, radiation treatment, ongoing scans, illnesses, fatigue, nerve damage, and trauma. Kerry's love for her husband, David, and her beautiful children - has driven her fight to live for as long as possible.

The Briggs' story is heart breaking, and one which too many families are forced to experience due to the unfair game which cancer plays.  According to  David, "when you're up against cancer, it's not a battle, it's not a fight. In a battle the rules are fair and you have a chance of winning. That is not how cancer works - we never had a chance."  

A family who has 'battled' ferociously to stay together for as long as possible, their story is almost as inspiring as Kerry herself. Throughout her ordeal, Kerry has smiled, laughed, and pushed her illness aside, working relentlessly to raise awareness in the community.  

Kerry is a proud ambassador of the Flinders Foundation.  This year she has spoken at events, rallied to drive fundraising in our Dry July Campaign, and is also helping the Foundation to raise funds for cancer patient support services through our Larapinta Trail Trek in Alice Springs in July next year.

Kerry has drawn strength from an ever-growing group of Facebook supporters, on her page "KB's Biggest Battle Yet".  Kerry is so passionate about helping other families, and believes that "if all the work we've done stops even one family from going through what we have, then it will have been worth every second".

Kerry and David are so committed to helping others that earlier this year, David left his IT career behind and joined the Flinders Foundation in an exciting new role. David is extremely passionate about making a difference for others, and according to CEO Amanda Shiell, "David could not be a better fit for the team." As the Partnerships Manager, David is keen to meet with businesses and others who would like to work with the Foundation and can be contacted via email at info@flindersfoundation.org.au 

Please contact us if you would like to hear more from Flinders Foundation about how you can help.