Robyn Flook-support the life of an inspiring woman

Robyn’s five year battle with cancer ended on Saturday 8 April 2017.

As Coordinator of the SA Brain Bank and Neurological Tumour Bank, Robyn’s desire to find a cure for neurological conditions and brain cancer became a personal one after cancer spread to her brain after first being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012.

All of Robyn’s treatment was at Flinders, including scans, blood tests, X-rays, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but during this time Robyn’s commitment to her role and advocacy for research never wavered. She remained remarkably positive and was regularly seen at the onsite staff health and fitness centre.

Robyn toured the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer when it opened in 2012, at the time never thinking that she would one day be a patient herself.

Robyn never shirked the issue of having cancer. Instead, she volunteered to speak at events and tell her story. Robyn was an ambassador for others living with cancer and people were inspired by her resilience and passion for finding a cure.

Robyn devoted more than 25 years to her role as Coordinator of the SA Brain Bank and Tumour Bank at Flinders, turning it into one of the largest brain banks in Australia and enabling researchers from across Australia to access vital human tissue in their pursuit of cures and better treatments.

Researchers looking at answers for incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s as well as brain cancer will be in Robyn’s debt for years to come, as will those living with neurological diseases and brain cancer as cures and better treatments are developed.

Robyn didn’t like being the centre of attention but now it’s our turn to give something back in honour of Robyn. Donate to Flinders Foundation to keep the work of the SA Brain Bank and Neurological Tumour Bank alive.